Repositionable Non-Displacing Breast Localization Loop-Wire Needle-Set

MAMMOREP LOOP® is the latest breast localization system by STERYLAB.

The ergonomic handle of MAMMOREP LOOP® allows the operator one-handed use.

A single motion is required to place and retract the loop-wire.
The LOOP shape of wire makes it possible for precision placement and prevents forward/backward migration during patient’s transport.

A marking bead on wire, coming before the stiffening close to the loop, serves as a 1st “landmark” for the surgeon during the surgical excision of the suspected lesion.

The localization wire is repositionable.

The needle is made from ECHONOX®, the echogenic stainless steel by STERYLAB, covered by international patent, and provided with centimeter marks and sliding depth stop, colour coded.

Product is available either in release for use under US guidance (MLE) and mamographic guidance (MLX)

Sterile, single-patient use.