Bone-Marrow Biopsy Set with Core Retention System SAFE-LOCK®

The design of BEST-LISAS® is the most advanced to date and guarantees to the physician the
following advantages: 

Ease of use and guaranteed specimen collection 
The unique  NOLOSE®core retention system is easy to use even for the inexperienced. 

A considerable reduction in pain 
The smaller Gauge of BEST-LISAS® will give a reduction in puncture area over a traditional Jamshidi needle with the same specimen volume and, combined with no need to twist the needle inside bone, renders the procedure particularly pain free. 

A more compact and abundant specimen 
The TREPAN® crown edge with its advanced geometry will guarantee an intact and larger specimen core even in the softest bone with less pain to the patient and ease of use for the users. 

A simpler and more rapid procedure 
BEST-LISAS® requires no twist movement inside bone to retain the core specimen. 

Colour coded for easier needle size (gauge) determination