Semiautomatic Soft Tissue Biopsy Needle

SPRING-CUT® represents the latest generation of semiautomatic guillotine-type biopsy needles.
Its exclusive features single it among all other biopsy devices in the same category.

Features include:

  • Stylet advance button remains locked during penetration: simpler manoeuvre, increased
    safety during the biopsy procedure, enhanced sensibility upon penetration.
  • Pre-determinated bioptic throw (10-20 mm), adapting to the lesion size.
  • Stylet completely retractable from the cannula left in situ: control of the adequacy of the
    specimen, possibility of multiple biopsies (prostate mapping).
  • Stronger mechanism: reliable cutting of the most compact tissue.

Specific product releases for CT-guided procedures (TC) and endo-urologic use (DC) available.